Credit Recovery Investigations

Today it is necessary to protect oneself from debtors who obstruct credit recovery; despite all efforts it is ever more common that services or goods remain unpaid. Since this is unacceptable, our agency has specialized in credit recovery investigations for companies, private individuals and law firms….

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Due Diligence

Before doing business with new clients it is advisable to know all commercial and financial information about them. A background check is a good place to start to ensure the buyer is reliable. Luciano Ponzi makes deeper investigations than the norm to provide precise and complete reports on prospective clients…

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Unfortunately, not all threats are external, often colleagues or employees are tempted by disloyal offers from competitors. The counterintelligence service aims to expose any disloyal employee and/or partner….

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Industrial Anti-Sabotage

The aim of this service is to save your company from any economic or material damage. Disloyal employees or top-level executives could endanger your company by tampering with machinery or equipment. They could also interfere with procedures in order to slow-down your industrial process and put it at risk…

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Investigations into unfair competition

The aim of this service is to discover any employees, partners or shareholders who put your company at risk by disclosing confidential information or materials (patents, trademarks, new products and/or services…)…

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Employee Check

More and more companies have been requesting for a personnel monitoring, from a partner to a disloyal employee. Several employees are willing to betray their employer, stealing patents, trademarks, procedures in exchange for generous donations by the competitors…

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Employee Absenteeism

The aim of this service is to identify any staff who are betraying or causing losses to your company. Absenteeism is one of the main reasons why private and public companies go through diminishing productivity and efficiency of a complex corporate system…

For Corporate Investigations, go: Employee Absenteeism


Protection of trademarks and patents

Italy is the country of pioneers and product innovation, but the MADE IN ITALY name is in danger because of relentless local and foreign competitors. A trademark no longer means security or uniqueness; companies need constant monitoring…

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