Matrimonial Investigations

We have been operating in this sector since 1958, accurate investigations and the latest technology allow us a valid support to ascertain marital infidelity…

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Pre-nuptial background checks

It is possible to check a partner’s routine and verify if they are trustworthy and reliable. Discretely and accurately it is possible to provide a profile of the person with whom you intend to spend your life…

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Investigations for alimony adjustments

Our company can verify the real economic conditions of your ex-spouse, beneficiary of alimony after a legal separation…

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Property investigations

Our company carries out property investigations in order to obtain information about the real living and economic standards of a person…
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Anti-stalking investigations

Stalking is one of the most frequent phenomena of the last few years. The media constantly report cases of verbal and non-verbal violence towards both men and women but luckily not always with tragic endings…
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Teenager surveillance

Nowadays too many young people are exposed to risks such as alcohol or drugs. Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, hashish and other kinds of drugs are easily found by young people or teenagers…

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Investigations into family wealth protection

After several years of experience, the Luciano Ponzi agency is able to protect your family wealth thanks to discreet and skilled detectives. In the last few years there have been too many cases…

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Missing Persons Investigations

In Italy more than 30,000 individuals have disappeared since 1974. Although some of those deliberately disappeared to run away from debt or alimony payments, most missing people never chose to vanish…

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