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recupero crediti-debitore

Today it is necessary to protect oneself from debtors who obstruct credit recovery; despite all efforts it is ever more common that services or goods remain unpaid. Since this is unacceptable, our agency has specialized in credit recovery investigations for companies, private individuals and law firms.
The aim of this service is to help the client put an end to what is becoming a real nightmare. Through rigorous investigations, precise information and a professional team who work 24 hours a day. We are also able to trace debtors abroad, thanks to an international partnership network.

Why this service?

Because expert financial investigations avoid useless legal fees should the debtor result insolvent. However, should the debtor own any kind of goods or properties that can be expropriated the credit will definitely be recovered.

How does it work?

We can investigate:
Any possible method which may be used to compel a debtor to pay for example:

  • regular or irregular salary
  • corporate interests
  • bad debt check
  • bankruptcy check
  • protests check
  • land registry prejudical
  • real estate properties
  • OSINT – open source intelligence
  • web reputation
  • any owned property
  • motor vehicles

Call us now for free professional advice: we will evaluate your needs and choose the perfect investigative service to solve your problem.
On request all documentation is available in English.


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